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Thomas Ferreira

Art at Tokara

Thomas Ferreira - The Landscape Hunter

At Tokara Winery – until 30 May 2016

"Through my travels I have been fortunate to experience many mysterious territories, with minimal planning, and with no companion other than my desire to explore. I am privileged in these moments to fully experience the present."


Viewing: Tuesday to Saturday 09h00 - after dinner

Sunday 10h00 - 16h00

Monday 09h00 - 17h00

11 artworks - click the Title for full details

1: Thomas Ferreira | Sutherland, South Africa (TLH010)
Reference ID: 10072

2: Thomas Ferreira | Sutherland, South Africa (TLH010) 3/5
Reference ID: 10072/3

3: Thomas Ferreira | Sutherland, South Africa (TLH010) Exhibition proof
Reference ID: 10072/EP

4: Thomas Ferreira | Bare Mountain, USA (TLH012)
Reference ID: 10073

5: Thomas Ferreira | Lindis Pass, New Zealand (TLH011)
Reference ID: 10074

6: Thomas Ferreira | Mono Lake, USA (TLH009)
Reference ID: 10075

7: Thomas Ferreira | Badlands, USA (TLH001)
Reference ID: 10076

8: Thomas Ferreira | Lake Tekapo, New Zealand (TLH007)
Reference ID: 10077

9: Thomas Ferreira | Torres del Paine, Argentina (TLH008)
Reference ID: 10078

10: Thomas Ferreira | Torres del Paine, Argentina (TLH008)
Reference ID: 10078/1

11: Thomas Ferreira | Utah, USA (TLH006)
Reference ID: 10080

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